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Let us take a moment to appreciate the unsung heroes of our generation, the Programmers, the real problem solvers. I mean let’s take Bill Gates for example, he must have thought about ways to make typing a lot easier, calculation a lot faster and slide presentations much more straightforward and came up with the Microsoft Office Application. We must not forget the Windows Operating System which was not user friendly in the 90’s and today it is a different story.

Maybe a lot of us would not appreciate it because we rarely buy the original copy. An original copy of windows 7 OS is about S100 d at least (N16, 000) and it is normally restricted to a specific number of users. Surprised yeah? When you can go to computer village at Ikeja to get a “copy” for a token. Do we really think that Bill Gates will be that rich because of your “token”?

Another example is Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, although his is a different form of programming, web programming, he started it as a social site for some colleges and today he is reaching different continents and presently a billionaire.

Another form that is taking the whole world by storm and that is Mobile programming and the fact that it has different platforms depending on the mobile phone you are using. A mobile application will be different on an iphone, a blackberry and an android because they are on different platforms. We are even having mobile sites.

I have always admired programmers, in their own world they are like Superheroes, the level of concentration exhibited by most of them is quite exceptional, you can be by their sides and try to keep a conversation with them and they would not hear.

I guess that is what inspired me to be a programmer, actually, let me be honest; I always had the idea of creating a virus that my anti-virus will be the only 1 that can fix it and sell. K Because for you to have an anti-virus, you must first create a virus to test your “anti-virus”.

Nowadays, a programmer must equip himself with the knowledge of database otherwise he is referred to as an “incomplete programmer”.  Before we talk about what it has become, let us talk more about Software as a whole. We were taught that software is that part of the computer that we cannot touch or feel. This definition is no longer acceptable, that is because software is a collection of instructions that tell the computer what to do.

We have two categories of computer software:

i)                    Systems software: software designed to allow the computer manage its own resources and perform basic operations are called system software. They are also known as Operating Systems. Examples: Windows, Macintosh and UNIX

ii)                   Application software: is one that can perform tasks. It can either be customized to do a specific task or a general purpose one like Microsoft office



We have a lot of programming languages, the common ones being Java and C# and for the database administration, SQL and oracle. There are so many professional courses that require a certain level of programming. For example Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) that is to become a practicing Hacker and not only getting the certificate.

We can go on and on about the benefits of programming and no I am not lying, but decided to stop here for this post. Before I go, I will like to remove the thoughts most of you are having that to be a programmer, all you need to do is sitting in front of a computer and start coding. You might be right, you might as well make a program, but you will spend countless of hours working and re editing it if you do not have a proper plan of the application you wish to build(work flow, algorithm and flowchart).  All these will be talked about later.


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Graphics designing is the most underrated and crucial area in ICT in the world Today. Designing sets the bar for everything from web designing to application development, even in the production of Computer Systems; the designs are first made and approved before production starts. If the design does not tickle your fancy, in 9 out 10 cases, it will immediately put you off.

Like they always say a picture is more than a thousand words. Imagine if you go to a website and all you see is text, many of us will not visit the site again. Knowing how important it is, it is surprising that a lot of people are still insisting on paying far less than its worth. I mean telling someone you will only pay two thousand naira to someone that spent many hours in designing is ridiculous.

Graphic designing also allows an opportunity for a wide range of people. We have a lot of people using Computer aided application. There are also applications for architects and engineers that allow you to design in their own way. For example, AutoCAD.

Time has moved from drawing on a piece of paper to working with a system whether it is with Corel draw, Photoshop or illustrator and others. There are quite a number of tools used for photo editing apart from Photoshop, an example will be Lightroom.

Photoshop is the most used because of its numerous functionalities and also being easy to use but it has a major disadvantage, Printers are reluctant to print Photoshop works.

Before Adobe bought the full rights some years back, Photoshop, firework and the likes were owned by Macromedia.







Wow, that looks cool.

You computer science students nowadays are going places, Jane said. I finished from creative arts not computer science, Tunde responded. Then why did you learn it, she inquired. I need it for my work, he replied. Your work, isn’t that dancing and drawing? She asked. That is what In I thought until my 3rd year in UNILAG when I was told we were going to do Corel Draw and Photoshop and since then I fell in love with it. Photo shoot, she asked, isn’t that for models. He chuckled, not photo shoot, Photoshop. They are different. With the introduction of these computer-aided applications such as Photoshop and Corel, it has added a new dimension to professional ism for Photographers and Fashion designers alike. Fashion designers, Jane finally said. How will it improve professionalism fashion designers, you know I am one. Oh that’s true, fashion designers nowadays have a collection of magazines where a client can select the style he likes, there really isn’t any form of originality. Imagine, making yourself unique, in addition to having the magazines, designing it for the client after he must have chosen. Let us be honest, he only chose it because it looked good on the person and it might not necessarily go well with him. I iy don’t understand, Jane replied. A client tells you what he wants; you design it and send it to him. It might look as extra work but it makes you stand out and to me, people will definitely pay more to someone that takes his time to create than someone that will just copy people’s old work and give it back.

If you are a fashion designer, photographer or you are interested in learning Photoshop and Corel. Quadclover will be running batches in January. Book now and save up to 20%.  Send a mail to

That brings us to the end of this post but before we go, we will like to say thank you to all the graphic designers that contributed to the forum #graphicsforum, @sammie_toch, @yinkabank @frankonero5 @demspanish @grafixnerd @Tjthe1st  and @ekpizzle.



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“Why is it raining this night, I NEED to send an important email!” Paul wondered to himself. “Every time it rains, voila! – network glitches” He continued, “Take a look at this Blackberry, the BB network indicator seems to be undergoing some sort of weird metamorphosis – GSM to GPRS to edge to EDGE to SOS, ahh! there’s my 3G logo; SHOOT! there it goes again, back to SOS”. “Perhaps MTN and bad weather are mortal enemies”, at this stage Paul was visibly frustrated.

Attempting to use AIRTEL BIS in Maryland is synonymous to trying to stop Lionel Messi from scoring goals, sorry to burst your bubble, but that just won’t work. I can never forget the last time, I paid for a month’s service and ended up using it for just a couple of days…Still expecting my refund from AIRTEL…

I wonder what this leaves us with….

“Darling, why don’t you use my universal modem” Cynthia asked. “Universal Wetin?!, how can it help me now?” Paul exclaimed. A universal modem can accept any sim card and does not restrict you to a particular network. “Ehen, I am telling you my job is at stake and you are busy ‘feeding me iron bread'”, Paul said.

“Keep calm and watch” said Cynthia as she powered on her system. After which, she inserted an ETISALAT sim in the modem and plugged it in – within a matter of minutes she was connected. She removed the ETISALAT sim and inserted a GLO sim and repeated the same process and she was connected as well; Paul was startled.

“Darling! Darling!! it is working” shouted Paul. Let me send the Mail right now. 10 minutes later, he was done and relaxed now, he asked where she got the modem and if she knew all the codes for the subscription.

She said he could get the modem anywhere in Ikeja. As for the codes, she was not sure she could remember all.

Like Paul, some of us have secretly wished there was a place that we can go to and see all the data plans and amount side by side. Fret not, you will find below the data plan and amount for MTN, AIRTEL, ETISALAT AND GLOBACOM.


1 500 All 1 day 150 103
2 2500 9pm-6am 1 month 3000 102
3 8000 All 1 month 5000 101
4 3000 Weekend(fri-mon) 1 month 3000 108
5 6000 Day time(9am – 9pm) 1 month 3000 107

Send all codes to 131. To check your balance send 2 to 131


1 100 All 1 day 10 104
2 400 All 1 week 25 105
3 1000 All 1 month 100 106

Send all codes to 131. To check your balance send 2 to 131



1 3,000 Unlimited BIS Monthly 1 MONTH text BIS to 21600
2 1,500 BIS Complete 1 MONTH text BBC to 21600
3 1,000 BIS Weekly 1 WEEK text BBWEEK to 21600
4 500 BIS Complete Weekly 1 WEEK text BBCWEEK to 21600



1 400 All 1 week 25 *141*712*9#
2 3000 All 1 month 1000 *141*712*10#
3 100 All 1 day 10 *141*712*11#


4 1000 All 1 month 100 *141*712*4#



1 500 All 1 day 150 *141*712*3#
2 5000 All 1 month 3000 *141*712*1#
3 8000 All 1 month 5000 *141*712*2#
4 15000 All 1 month 10000 *141*712*5#
5 2500 Night 1 month 2500 *141*712*7#
6 3000 weekends 1 month 3000 *141*712*8#

N/B dial *141*712*0# to check your balance.


1 3,000 Unlimited BIS Monthly 1 MONTH Send BISMONTH to 444
2 1,400 BIS Complete 1 MONTH Send BCM to 444
3 1,000 BIS Weekly 1 WEEK Send BISWEEK to 444
4 400 BIS Complete week 1 WEEK Send BCW to 444




1 3000 All 1 month 500 *229*2*2#
2 5000 All 1 month 1500 *229*2*4#
3 6500 All 1 month 3000 *229*2*3#
4 8000 All 1 month 6000 *229*2*5#
5 5000 Night & weekends 9pm-7am 1 month 3000 *229*3*3#


1 1000 All 1 month 100 *229*2*1#
2 500 All 1 week 50 *229*3*4#
3 100 All 1 day 10 *229*3*1#

Dial *228# to check your balance


1 3,000 Unlimited BIS Monthly 1 MONTH dial *399*1#
2 1,500 BIS Complete 1 MONTH *499*3#
3 1,000 BIS Weekly 1 WEEK dial *399*6#
4 500 BIS Complete Weekly 1 WEEK *499*3*1#



Plan Name Service Rental Data Cap Validity Period Code SMS to 127 Target Device
Instant Surf N100 10MB 24 hours *127*51# ‘51’ Handset
One Week N400 50MB 7 days *127*52# ‘52’ Handset
Always Micro N1,000 200MB 30 days *127*53# ‘53’ Handset
Always Macro N3,000 1,024MB (1GB) 30 days *127*54# ‘54’ Handset/Tablet
Plan Name Service Rental Data Cap Validity period Code SMS to 127 Time of use
Always MAX N7,500 6GB 30 days *127*1# ’12′ All day
Always MIN N5,000 3GB 30 days *127*2# ’11′ All day
Always Day N500 150MB 24 hours *127*3# ’10′ All day
G 300 N15,000 9GB 300 hours/3months *127*4# ’21′ All day
G 100 N6,000 3GB 100 hours/1month *127*5# ’20′ All Day
G work N6,000 3GB 30 days *127*6# ’31′ 8am – 9 pm
G leisure N5000 3GB 30 days *127*7# ’30′ 8pm to 9am everyday + all day during weekends




1 2,800 Unlimited BIS Monthly 1 MONTH Send BISMONTH to 777
2 1,400 BIS Complete 1 MONTH Send COMONTH to 777
3 900 BIS Weekly 1 WEEK Send BISWEEK to 777
4 400 BIS Complete Weekly 1 WEEK Send CoWEEK to 777

Have a lovely weekend ahead. 🙂

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