Happy Independence Day in arrears people. Shall we rise for the national anthem? (Nah just kidding). That is definitely not why we are here. But let’s not forget something Nigeria celebrated her 52nd year of independence. Most of us are asking what we have to show for it. Yes, we are not living the way we would have liked. Good roads, constant power supply and better living conditions and Boko Haram stop with the killing. But we have a lot to be grateful about.

First of all, it could have been worse than what it is. We don’t have any natural disaster happening in any part of Nigeria. Secondly, unlimited Opportunities. Majority are waiting for government to provide them with jobs while they sit back and fold their arms. I hate to break it to you, but that ship has long sailed.

Apart from the crude oil and other natural resources, Nigeria has not fully explored one area which is ICT. Hate it or love it, it is not going away anytime soon. Most companies require applicants to be computer competent. Even more so, we are having computerized job tests. Before I continue, I will like to say there is a difference between being computer literate and competent. Even so, the difference between a computer literate and an “illiterate” is that one knows about computer while the other does not. While being competent is using the computer to achieve a specific task given.

We have different areas in computing. Networking, software development, web development and the likes. We would not be talking about those ones for now. We will start with the most popular requirement for increasing chances of getting a job and that is getting familiar with Microsoft office.

Do you know you can get a lot more from the Microsoft office package? Did you know that you can use Microsoft excel to design and even make web pages. Yes you saw right and no I am not crazy.

Let’s start with the one everyone knows or think they know

a)      Microsoft word: is a Word processing application. Word processing in the sense that it handles creating, editing, saving of text documents. You can also design invoices, receipts and the likes. Some people go as far as using it to design letter headed papers. It is possible. I am sure a lot of people didn’t know this.

b)      Microsoft Excel: handles most of the calculations, analyzing data and expressing them in forms of bar chart, pie chart, and the likes. We pretty much know these already. But did you know that you can design as well.  These were done in excel and I kid you not.

c)       Microsoft PowerPoint: creating and editing presentation or slide shows, meetings and web pages have never been this easy. You can also alter the orientation of the slide shows, increase or slow down and many more.

d)      Microsoft Outlook: Is a tool for sending and receiving mail. It is much more than that. It can also serve as your organizer. Keeping records of tasks done and setting reminders for appointments.

e)      Microsoft Access: Is a tool for creating and managing of database and the likes.

f)       Microsoft publisher: This particular application is relatively new and very useful. You can create almost everything from business cards, banners, brochures, calendar, envelope, flyers, greeting cards, invitation cards, newsletter, letterheads, programs, cvs, websites and complimentary cards. The only catch is that you can only make use of the templates provided. So if you are looking for something unique. Sorry, this would not help.

There are other applications in the whole package. We only decided to mention a few. The only thing left for me to say is stop underutilizing your office application.

If you wish to know more about ICT or getting more from your Microsoft office or the prospect of getting involved in ICT and also a show case of the courses we offer training on Visit for more info or send a mail to us or call 08097913802

Thank you and God Bless.

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  1. yomi

    What a great way to enlighten people about the benefits of ICT in our lives.

  2. miss haidome

    Totally Cool and interesting post…especially the microsoft excel part…

  3. Michael king

    Well i must say..this is really cool and educative…keep up d good work guys

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  5. Hi there, always i used to check website posts here early
    in the dawn, for the reason that i enjoy to gain knowledge
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