Ever had the roller coaster experience of trying to recover your pictures, mp3 and files after they have been infected by virus. We have been talking about backing up your files for the past two weeks. Backing up of your files isn’t limited to your computer. You can also back up files of your phone. Nowadays, with the introduction of Smart phones (the likes of blackberry, IPhones etc.), you can use your phone as a removable device (in other words a flash drive).

I am sure you all know that. Let me give examples where this feature can come in handy, you visit a friend of yours that has a particular movie  you wish to collect, all you have to do is plug in the usb cable to your phone and you collect it. That is of course, after you must have asked how big the file is. The commonest one is when you need to print a document and we don’t have a flash, we go to a café and get it printed from our phones.  It’s quite easy yes?  Though it has its disadvantages.  First of all, you can lose all files if it gets infected with virus.

Let’s talk about this for now. I have heard people say “My pictures and music are gone” or “virus has deleted my files”. As usual, let me give an example, a real life experience (this time it wasn’t me).

My friend came over to see me, he was preparing to write a job test the next day but he had to print out his pass. He didn’t have a flash on him. I asked him how he was going to print it. He said he will use his blackberry with the USB cable. I was skeptical about the whole idea; I asked him what if the system he will plug his phone to had a virus. He said he will scan it with an anti-virus, nothing spoil. I was left with no choice but to follow him.

When we got there, while my friend was busy trying to print his pass, I myself was trying to get busy as well (saw a pretty lady and started chatting her up). It was smooth sailing till my friend came around saying “My pictures and music are gone”. I started laughing, told him I will try and get it fixed when we get home”. I turned to continue the conversation, only to find out that the babe don go  L . We left the place (my friend not knowing that he had blocked P). Anyways when we got home, I had a look at the phone. It was showing 0 songs in music and 0 pictures. I decided to check the media setting to check the memory.  I found out that it was seeing the files but it wasn’t displaying them. I connected it to my system and immediately my antivirus detected and deleted virus. I decided to do a full scan on the removable device. A few more viruses were found and deleted. We thought that was going to be the end of the story. I ejected the blackberry from my system to check whether the files where back. They weren’t. I reconnected it back to the system and opened it only to discover that the files were changed to .exe format. In layman term, if I double clicked on it, I will be installing virus. This wasn’t my first time dealing with virus. I suspected that the virus had hidden the original files and created a duplicate in its place. I decided to “unhide” them. I opened my computer, I went to organize. Under the organize tab I went to folder and search option.

I navigated to the view tab

I selected it to show hidden files and I unchecked the option “hide protected operating system” and voila I could see the files. I did a victory dance. I immediately deleted the ones that were .exe and I ejected the blackberry once more. I tried checking whether the files were showing.  To my greatest disappointment, nothing. My friend was already laughing at me saying I thought you did your victory dance. He was about heading home. He said maybe some other time. I told him I must solve it today. I could remember that I have faced this problem before. I opened command prompt.


The blackberry was in drive j. so I did

After which I inputted this code.(make sure you don’t make a mistake).

J:\>attrib –h –r –s /s /d j:\**

This time around, it just had to work. I am pretty sure you guys saw the stress to get it back. The other option is that you don’t use it at all or if you must. Make sure you backup your files. Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “HELP!! I JUST LOST ALL MY FILES :”(

  1. Jho69

    iPhone no dey get virus…..NEXT!!!!

    • dodo 001

      Jho of life,
      “iPhone no dey get virus…..NEXT!!!!” <—- @ d expense of flexibility

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